Precautions for Operating the Boiler Dust Collector

The stable operation of each type of boiler dust collector needs more attention, more technical research and thinking, and to look for problems in details, so as to make the boiler dust collector continue to be reasonable. If any manufacturer of boiler dust collector wants to gain the recognition of users, this is also a principle that we need to pay attention to.

Ⅰ. The application of the boiler dust collector

Boiler dust collector refers to the dust collector separating dust from smoke, also called dust removal equipment. We all have the experience of wearing masks, and the mask we are wearing is a simple filter dust collector. The principle of the boiler dust collector is very simple, which is through the ash particles in smoke to filter and intercept. The main filter is the cloth bag in the boiler dust collector, whose filtering effect is relatively great.

Suitable specifications of boiler dust collector should be used for different degrees of dust. If it is used for processing dusty gas with relatively high humidity, boiler dust collector should take measures to have heat preservation function, in order to avoid oasting bag caused by condensation. If it is used to purify the corrosive gas, we should choose appropriate corrosion resistant filter material. If the boiler dust collector is used to handle high-temperature smoke, we should take measures to cool. Reduce the smoke temperature to the temperature below which the filter bag can be operated for a long time, and use high temperature resistant filter material as far as possible

Ⅱ. Precautions for operating the boiler dust collector

The application of boiler dust collector is rapidly popularized, because of its advantages of high dust-removal rate, small equipment loss, large smoke volume treated at high temperature and low cost of equipment maintenance. In order to achieve dust removal and desulphurization and make full preparation for the separation of ash, the following items should be paid attention to in order to make the boiler dust collector run correctly.

1. Users need to select appropriate bag-type dust collector to reduce operation and maintenance costs. Prior to placing an order, the relevant operation and maintenance information should be well studied, and then appropriate performance and annual operating costs should be considered to select the appropriate operation equipment.

2. Operate in accordance with the instructions and other materials provided by the equipment manufacturer.

3. To understand what is included in the bag dust collector system.

4. Always carefully observe the installation and working condition of the filter bag.

5. Pay attention to the temperature of the smoke entering the bag dust collector, so that it can operate at 10℃-20℃ above the dew-point temperature.

6. When the boiler dust collector deals with high-temperature and high-humidity gas, the temperature decreases and the vapor will be condensation and dewfall. When the operation condition deteriorates, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the treated gas 25~35℃ higher than the dew-point temperature to prevent boiler dust collector from pasting bags caused by condensation.

7. Repair the abrasion, holes and other damaged cloth bags caused by use to ensure a high return rate.

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