How to Deal with the Spray in the Pulse Dust Collector? How to Choose a Manufacturer?

Some customers report that there are some problems in the operation of the pulse dust collector. These problems will not have much impact on the use of the entire machine. These problems require us to use some skills to solve, such as water mist produced by pulse dust collector during its operation. In this case, we don't need to worry about it. The first step is to get to know the reasons for this phenomenon.

Pulse dust collector plays a very important role in modern industrial production. Almost all factories that need to emit dust and smoke cannot make it without the pulse dust collector. Especially in some coal power plants, steel chemical industry, and some metallurgical fields, the use and demand of dust collectors are even greater, so the purchasing power in the entire market is still very large. But when selecting the pulse dust collector, do you know which product is worth buying? The answer is as follows.

1. How to deal with the spray of the pulse dust collector?

If the pulse dust collector is not tightly sealed, it is easy to enter a lot of cold air when running. This is because the internal temperature is relatively high when it is running, and it is prone to fogging due to the combination of cold and heat. When the equipment is working, the temperature of the gas discharged is high, the temperature of the gas produced is too low, and the temperature of the pulse dust collector itself is relatively high, so it is prone to fog. In addition, if the difference in the temperature between the pulse dust collector and the outside is too large, fog will be generated too. So the heat insulation work must be done before the operation.

The pulse dust collector should be tested before running to check whether it can meet the requirements of environmental protection and dust removal, and then see whether the performance of the machine and equipment meets the standard and whether it is convenient for later maintenance work. If the maintenance is good, it can enhance the durability of the pulse dust collector.

After this test, we can figure out what factors may affect the pulse dust collector. The industries that use pulse dust collectors all pay attention to the problem of ash hopper clogging. If the ash hopper is clogged, it will cause poor ash discharge and affect the operation of machinery and equipment.

2. Which pulse dust collector is reliable?

Generally speaking, professional manufacturers with a good reputation can help customers save a lot of time. Only professional manufacturers with professional production technology can guarantee the quality of the pulse dust collector equipment, and professional manufacturers can provide professional and perfect service and can solve all related usage problems for you, so that customers don't need to worry about the professional operation of the machine after purchase, even in the installation, transportation and later maintenance of the pulse dust collector, they can offer help.

Of course, when choosing a manufacturer, you can choose a few with better export reputations and make a comparison. You can also search the user evaluations of these manufacturers on the Internet to check the feedback of other people. Generally speaking, as long as the products are qualified, the price is moderate and reasonable, the after-sales service is perfect, and the manufacturers with a good reputation, we can pick without hesitation. As one of the experienced dust collection system suppliers, Senotay is a nice choice!

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