The Device of Boiler Dust Collector and Selection of Thermal Insulation Material

Ⅰ. What are the components of the boiler dust collector?

In the process of use, boiler will produce a lot of dust and smoke, the role of the boiler dust collector is to separate the dust from the smoke in the boiler to reduce the dust of high concentration in the air. It is beneficial to further desulfurization and denitration treatment of smoke. Boiler dust collector is a common environmental protection equipment eliminating environmental pollution. So what devices does the boiler dust collector include?

1. The ash discharge system of the boiler dust collector is composed of electric vibrator, electric heater and ash level indicator. The dust of the electric vibrator has good fluidity.

2. The control system of boiler deduster is mainly composed of pulse injection control instrument, MC computer control cabinet, thermal resistance thermometer, static pressure measuring point, material level indicator and measuring components.

3. Pulse injection system of boiler dust collector is composed of reverse punching box, electromagnetic pulse valve, pressure joint, nozzle tube, bracket, etc.

4. Filter bag of boiler dust collector is composed of filter bag frame, cloth bag and hanging bag. The connection design uses self-locking device, easy installation and replacement.

5. The guiding device of boiler dust collector uses air inlet. It not only can distribute dust gas, but can separate large particles, to further improve the dust removal rate and mprove the service life of filter bag.

6. The box body of the boiler dust collector is composed of upper box, middle box and lower box.

Ⅱ. How to choose the heat preservation material for the boiler dust collector

1. Small thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity of boiler dust collector is an important symbol to measure the thermal insulation performance of materials or products. It is proportional to the thickness of insulation layer and heat loss. Thermal conductivity is one of the two factors to choose economic thermal insulation materials. It is more economical to have the smaller multiplicative value and it is better to get the lower unit thermal resistance of the boiler dust collector.

2. Small density

The smaller the density of heat preservation material of boiler dust collector is, the smaller its thermal conductivity value is. But we should choose the fiber insulation material with good density.

3. Compressive or disassembly strength (mechanical strength)

Boiler dust collector can withstand the dead weight of thermal insulation materials and slight beating or impact, bear the load of local wind and snow, so it generally chooses materials with high toughness, good elasticity or good shock resistance.

4. Applicable temperature range

Boiler dust collector to choose thermal insulation materials should be in accordance with industry standards.

5. Non-combustibility

Because the boiler dust collector collects dust, the insulation material must not be a flammable material, otherwise a fire is likely to occur.

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