How to Deal with the High Temperature of the Bag Dust Collector?

The bag filter will encounter various problems such as high temperature, incineration, blasting, corrosion, abrasion, and high concentration during use.

The following are several ways to prevent high temperature from harming the bag filter.

1. High temperature coating of bag dust collector

The anti-corrosion coating of the bag filter used for high temperature flue gas is indispensable. Because of poor painting, not only affects the appearance, but also accelerates corrosion and reduces the service life of the dust collector.

2. Insulation method of bag dust collector

No matter how the ash hopper of the bag dust collector is arranged, it is inevitable that the airflow will be blocked, so the insulation method is adopted in the planning. The structure of the insulation layer is calculated to prevent condensation.

3. The bag dust collector adopts high temperature resistant filter bag

There are many varieties of high temperature resistant filter bags and they are widely used. If the flue gas contains a certain amount of moisture or flue gas, it is easy to condense. Faced with this situation, it is necessary to choose high temperature filter bags that do not undergo hydrolysis, such as P84.

4. Structures of bag dust collector

In order to prevent condensation after the high temperature flue gas is cooled, the internal structure planning of the bag filter should first try to reduce the area where the gas stagnates. The dust collector enters from the lower part of the box body according to the arrangement, and the outlet is arranged at the upper part of the box body, on the same side as the inlet.

At this moment, the airflow will be stagnant in the lower area of the filter bag and the part opposite to the outlet. Due to the heat dissipation and cooling of the wall of the box, it is easy to condense. In order to reduce the heat dissipation on the wall, a special method is designed to install a rib structure on the side of the box body. The environmentally friendly non-asbestos gasket and sealing materials used on the cabinet should be selected to be resistant to the set temperature. And it is necessary to choose reliable dust collector suppliers.

5. The filter bag mouth method of the bag dust collector

When the pulse bag filter is used to process high-temperature flue gas, it is necessary to prevent condensation on the part of the filter bag mouth. The temperature of the compressed air used to clean the dust is relatively low, and the temperature of the flue gas to be purified is relatively high. When the compressed air is sprayed into the filter bag through the blowing pipe, the compressed air is suddenly released and the temperature around the bag mouth drops rapidly. Due to the difference in temperature and the drop in pressure, the mouth of the filter bag with a higher temperature is likely to cause condensation. If the compressed air is of poor quality and contains water and oil, the condensation will be more serious.

Using N2 instead of compressed air has the advantage that N2 is of good quality and can reduce the possibility of condensation. At the same time, the filter bag mouth diversion tube is also helpful to avoid condensation at the mouth of the bag.

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