The Fundamental Differences Of The Bag Type Dust Collector And The Electrostatic Dust Collector

The first difference between the bag type dust collector and the electrostatic dust collector
First, the bag type dust collector is a physical filter. Any dust can be filtered and not affected by dust properties over the efficiency. The reverse-corona phenomenon is easy to be formed because of the high specific resistance of the electrostatic dust collector, which reduces the efficiency of the electric dust removal. ② The initial investment of the bag type dust collector is small, its but maintenance is complex. For the electrostatic dust collector, it needs large investment and easy maintenance in the future. ③ Although the efficiency of dust removal can reach 99%, the electrostatic dust collector has always been theoretically achievable. The efficiency of the bag type dust collector is higher than that of the electrostatic dust collector. The bag type dust collector is the mainstream in the future.

Second: principle difference
The electrostatic dust collector: a method of collecting dust by ionization of the gas to the electrode, using electrostatic field to ionize the gas so as to make the dust particles adsorb on the electrode. The bag type dust collector: The dust gas enters into the filter bag chamber through the air inlet or the open flange inlet. The dust gas passes through the speed bag to the clean air chamber, and then passes through the net air chamber exhaust port and is discharged by the fan.

Third: advantages and disadvantages
The advantages of the electrostatic dust collector: Electrostatic precipitators are also called the electrostatic dust collector. Advantages: ① It is suitable for particle control, and the efficiency of particle size with 1~2um can reach 98% ~ 99%. ② In the electrostatic dust collector, the energy that the dust particles separate from the air flow is not supplied to the air flow, but directly supplied to the dust particles. Therefore, compared with other high efficiency dust catcher, the resistance of the  electrostatic dust collector is lower, which is only 100-200 Pa. ③ It can deal with gas with high temperature (above 400 degrees). ④ It is suitable for large-scale projects; the larger the amount of gas is treated, the more obvious its economic effect will be.

Disadvantages of the electrostatic dust collector: ① Large equipment and large area. ② Consume more steel and invest more at one time. ③ Complicated structure and high precision of manufacture and installation. ④ Specific resistance to dust has certain requirements. Advantages and disadvantages of the bag type dust collector: The bag type dust collector is also called Filter type dust collector.

Advantages of the bag type dust collector: (1)The dust removal efficiency is high, and it is generally above 99%. The dust concentration of the gas at the exit of the dust collector is 20~30m3, and the fine dust removal efficiency for sub-micron particle dust is higher. (2)The structure is simple and the operation and maintenance is convenient. (3) On the premise of ensuring the same dust removal efficiency, its cost and operation cost are lower than that of the electrostatic dust collector. (4) It is not sensitive to the dust characteristics and is not affected by the specific resistance of the dust. (5)When we use glass fiber and some kinds of synthetic fiber to make filter bag, it can operate stably at temperature of between 160 ℃ and 200 ℃, and some of them can withstand temperature up to 260 ℃ when the filter material with high performance is selected. (6) The efficiency of desulphurization can be improved when it is used in dry desulfurization system. (7) It can be used as a dust wiper for various dust-containing gases because of its wide range of gas treatment and its ability to deal with high concentrations of dust-bearing gases. Its capacity can be less than a few cubic meters per minute, and it can be as large as hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of air flow per minute. It can handle dust-containing gases with dust concentration exceeding 700000mg/m3 when using high-density synthetic fiber filter bags and pulse backwash ash removal methods. It can be used for dust removal of dust sources by ventilation, as well as of dust containing gases in various processes such as cement, carbon black, asphalt, lime, stone education, chemical fertilizer and so on, in order to reduce the emission of dust pollutants.
Disadvantages of the bag type dust collector
:(1)It is not suitable for running at high temperature. When the moisture content of the dust in the flue gas exceeds 25% or more, the dust is apt to stick to the bag to block the bag, resulting in the difficulty of cleaning ash, the increase of resistance and the premature failure of the bag. (2)Compared with electric dust collection, the resistance loss is slightly larger, generally 1000 ~ 2000Pa. (3)When the high sulfur smoke or flue gas is not treated by desulfurization device, the concentration of sulfur oxide and ammonia oxide in flue gas is very high. With the exception of FE filter material, other synthetic fiber filter materials will be corroded and damaged, and the life of cloth bag will be shortened. (4)It can't work in a "dew" state.
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