Star Unloader Working Principle Analysis

First, the star unloader is commonly used in the pneumatic output system. For the pressure output system or negative pressure output system in the process, the star unloader can feed the feeding pipe evenly and continuously. This can ensure that the gas and solids in the pneumatic output pipe are relatively stable, so as to ensure that the pneumatic conveying can work normally, and that the upper and lower air pressures of the unloader can be cut off to function as a gas lock. Star unloaders are commonly used in pneumatic conveying systems.

Second, when the material in the upper silo is dropped by its own weight and filled in the gap between the blades, the material will be discharged in the lower part as the blades rotate. With this feature, the star unloader can discharge quantitatively and continuously.

5.Star unloader working principle analysis

Third, star unloader can be used in the collection of material systems, as a hopper hopper unloader. The star unloader is currently the most advanced unloading device in the country and is one of the important equipments in the dust removal system of the factory. It is very suitable for dust and some small granular materials, and it is widely used in many environmental protection, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.

Fourth, temperature-resistant type of material it conveys the temperature up to 280 °C Both ends of the bearing and the impeller are isolated, can prevent the ultra-fine powder directly contact with the bearing. The high-temperature type unloader allows the temperature of the material to be conveyed up to 500°C and is connected by a sprocket. There must be a certain distance between the reducer and the unloader housing.
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