How To Maintain And Repair The Baghouse Filter Bags?

Now a lot of manufacturers widely use the dust-proof device, because its demand is relatively large, so many manufacturers have always attached great importance to it; especially in steel plants, refineries, and waste incineration, and other areas it is more widely used. Because more and more people and manufacturers use the dust collection system increasingly frequently, the application of baghouse filter bags is more and more extensive. We should pay attention to the following points when using and selecting the baghouse filter bags.

First, the products we choose must be in full compliance with the specifications we need. They must be absolutely appropriate. Only in this way will they be more conducive to our production. If the baghouse filter bags we choose are not suitable, it is likely to affect our production. After all, the baghouse filter bags are the important part of the dust collection system, which directly affects the performance of the dust collection system. Therefore, the choice must be very careful. There is no room for a dime of error. Second, we should form good habits when using. Check the condition of the baghouse filter bags regularly. See whether there is damage and their installation is appropriate. If the baghouse filter bags are damaged or its installation isn’t in good condition, it will reduce its performance, or even will not play a role in dust removal. It is more serious that the whole equipment will not work properly. Therefore, we must use them in the right way. Once we find the damage, they should be replaced immediately to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Third, we must wash the baghouse filter bags regularly to ensure that they do not affect the life of the machine.
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