Dust Removal Skeleton Manufacturers Explain Dust Removal Technology For You

Dust removal frame is an indispensable accessory for bag filter. Dust removal frame is one of the indispensable main components of bag filter. It can be compatible with six, eight, ten, twelve, sixteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty-four bars, and the role of dust removal frame is very large, is widely used in construction and chemical industry and other industrial places.
1. (outer filter bag)
2. (External filter type)
3. (outside filter) (ellipse, diamond)
Envelope type
5. Multi-section frame (elliptical multi-section frame. Circular-bag multi-section frame (insert type, chuck type))
6. Finished product frame (Frame with Venturi tube. Frames for plastic bags, iron frames. Neatly arranged diamond frames)

Dust removal frame is the rib of the filter bag, it should be lightweight, easy to install and maintain, the quality of the frame directly affects the filter bag filter status and service life. Using natural granite, machined into a round bending plate, the overall structure is smooth and smooth. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance characteristics. External use of high-strength high temperature resistant acid and alkali material pouring. Tube equipment outer protection steel plate, greatly enhance the strength and service life of the equipment.

The body adopts 1 meter per section structure, Each section of interface has concave-convex seams. Furan resin or acid-resisting mud is used to connect the seams during installation to ensure that there is no water leakage at the joints. It overcomes the common problems of seepage and leakage of the existing granite dust collector joints. The upper sink is ceramic. Structure, ceramic dust collector ensures watertightness during water supply, avoids the frustration of the original granite dust collector water tank, enhances the effect of the dust collector. Simple installation, generally 1 meter per section, on-site lifting half a day can be installed, reducing Construction period.

Dust removal skeleton manufacturers explain dust removal technology
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